Friday, 17 January 2020

Our Week This Week

In Year Five this week, we have been learning about area in maths. It has gotten harder and more challenging every day. Instead of regular shapes, we have been calculating the area of composite shapes. On some of the shapes, Year Five had to calculate the missing sides of the shape first.

For English, we have been learning about poetry. We have been finding out about different poetic devices and at the end of the week we wrote a modelled poem on the four seasons.

In art, we have been preparing to create a galaxy themed piece of art. We have been inspired by Emma Lindstrom’s art work. Throughout the week, we have been learning how to draw a sphere and different art techniques. The sphere was in black and white and went from dark to light depending on where the sun was shining from.

In P.E, we have been learning about health and fitness. We had a little slip to see what we were testing throughout the learning scheme. We calculated how fast we were at running a certain distance, how far we can jump and other P.E skills.

In music, 5EV been learning about jazz music and playing instruments. In both 5AC and 5MH we have been practising a song called Make You Feel My Love by Adele.

                    By Lucas C, Ella F, Leia B and Sid McF

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Spring Term Home Learning Information for Year Five

This term, the home learning expectations are as follows:

Each week, there will be  either a written or online (TTRs/MyMaths) task set. These will link to End of Key Stage Expectations for arithmetic or reasoning. (20 minutes)

Weekly, we will set a grammar and punctuation activity to consolidate our work in class. (20 minutes)

In school, we have a weekly focus on learning and practising  a spelling rule. A list of spellings to learn that follow the week's rule will be provided. (20 minutes) Class teachers will let their class know the day of the week spelling tests will take place.

Home learning will be set on a Thursday and will be due in the following Tuesday. Home learning will restart tomorrow (09/01/20). 
Anyone unable to access the internet at home can do so during a Friday or Monday lunchtime in school.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Christmas is coming!

This has been a very exciting week in Year Five.  In maths, we used Number Link boards to help us apply our knowledge of the 1-12 times tables to harder times tables (like the 0.04 times table, or the 7000 time table).

On Wednesday, we had a great time hunting for our Pokémon non-chronological reports in the playground.  All our work can be read on our class blogs:
Level 5 Certificate


Some people even managed to get to be a Level Five Pokémon trainer because they found every single one.

The Boat Race tutorial
We have been working hard to finish our Scratch games, taking some time to try out the Boat Race Tutorial on the Code Club website to help us with our coding.  We also explored what life would be like as a mountain climber by creating our own short play or mime about a famous expedition.

On Friday, it was Christmas Decoration Day!  It was really good fun talking and writing about Christmas adverts, solving maths puzzles about Santa's stocking and making a range of decorations for the classroom.  The best bit was getting to wear our Christmas jumpers and listen to Christmas songs while we worked.

Friday, 22 November 2019

This week in Year 5 (18th-22nd November)

This week in Year 5
18th-22nd November

On Monday 5AC and 5EV glazed their clay pots and we explored more about how mountains are formed.

On Tuesday, 5EV did science and started to learn about the water cycle. 5AC also did science.

On Wednesday, the girls football team had training, 5EV also did P.E and 5SF did netball.

On Thursday 5AC and 5EV did French. 5SF did their own warm-ups in outdoor P.E. 5MH  looked at a discussion on school uniform and both 5SF and 5MH had a discussion about whether Pokémon cards should be banned or not.
On Friday 5AC did science in which they cleaned out dirty water for Camp Bestival and 5SF learned more about factors.

Friday, 8 November 2019

This Week In Year Five

This Week In Year Five

In Year Five this week, we have been doing a lot of fun things. In English, we designed our very own Pokémon, leading to writing a non-chronological report about our Pokémon.  We can’t wait until the Pokémon Go event!

In maths, we started learning about statistics. We looked at how to read and create our own bar graphs and line graphs, and we solved some tricky Barvember problems with help from the bar model.

We carried on creating our games in computing, and learnt some fascinating facts about mountains and volcanoes in geography.  5AC and 5EV also had their last yoga lesson.  This was fantastic, but we’re sad the lessons are over.  We ended the week by thinking about how we can be kinder to one another.

We had a lot of fun!

Awaiting Image.png
Creating our own Pokémon

Some of the tricky problems we've looked at.