Thursday 1 February 2024

Year Five - January 2024

 Happy New Year! 

This has been a busy month and an amazing start to the calendar year. We have done so many exciting things and have loads of exciting things to look forward to. Here is what some of our Year Five children thought of January:

Some of the exciting things that we have done are: pasta making, new maths journeys, in English we designed our own cracking contraption machine, thermal insulators and conductors in science and in geography we are studying tectonic plates, mountains , volcanoes and earthquakes.

To go into more detail about maths we have been doing …column long multiplication and bus stop method. This has been a bit tricky for a few of us (since it's a complicated skill) but we got the hang of it!

In English we made our own designs of a 'Cracking Contraption',

based off of a show that you will probably know... Wallace and Gromit! We have made many different designs, such as: The Food Machine, The Reading Robot and The Homework Minion!

During this topic, our journey was to write an explanation text about our machine!

In science we are learning about thermal conductors and insulators in our 'Properties of Material' unit of work. One of the CRAZY experiments we have done so far is a fair test on how fast ice will melt in different materials such as: wool, tin foil, bubble wrap, paper and many more.

Thursday 21 December 2023

Year Five: December 2023

Another busy month in Year Five!
A brief dip into descriptive writing...

...before filming, editing and screening our anti-bullying play scripts.

There were exciting ends to our space and forces topics in science with the research, building and testing of rockets and bridges.

We looked at the everyday life of the Anglo Saxons and constructed a Lego timeline of streets through time from the Stone Age to modern day:

Stone Age


Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Modern Day

Now adept at all things Google Drawings, we perfected our vector drawing skills.



There was lots of music, both regular lessons and rehearsals for the Christmas carol concert, and the grand finale of indoor P.E. was the performance of space dances, the choreography of each group showing great progress and creativity.

What an amazing first term in Year Five!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you in 2024!

Friday 1 December 2023

Year Five: November 2023

 We began November with our annual Book Week:

We have been learning to create our own images in Google Drawings:

We continue to work on and improve our fictional writing:

On to December...

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Year Five: October 2023

Another busy month here in Year Five! 

We've begun studying bridges and their features:


We've tried to 'show not tell' when describing characters:
We considered our emotions:

We concluded our sci-fi stories:
Miao Miao

We continue to learn about keeping ourselves safe online:


On to November...

Saturday 30 September 2023

Year Five: September 2023

 Year Five have settled in wonderfully back into school life. We have had lots of fun and got to know our new classmates and teachers well. Have a look at what we've been up to!

We have practised our watercolour skills in art.

We used book blankets to explore a variety of texts. 

The cup stacking took our resilience to the next level. With record speeds of under 19 seconds for a whole pyramid!

We used teamwork to attempt to build the tallest lego tower. We learned that by having a solid base, it would allow us to have a taller, free-standing tower. 
We have been sharing and performing poetry as part of our English oracy work. The performances were great!